Work in Progress

Book Project

Against Localism

Under Review

1. “Melancton Smith, Adam Smith, and the Sympathetic Theory of Representation”
2. “Aristocracy in America: Tocqueville on White Supremacy” (with Jennie Ikuta, University of Tulsa)

Articles in Progress

1. “Tocqueville Was Not a Localist: Correcting a Misreading”
2. “Stephen Douglas’s Self-Deception: Popular Sovereignty in the Territories”
43 “The Illusion of Contract: Hobbes and Paternal Dominion”

Future Projects/Ideas

1. Global Federalism: Retrieving a Forgotten Ideal
2. Bureaucracy: A Defense
3. “Has ‘Islamic Extremism’ Replaced Communism in the American Conservative Imagination?”
4. “Conservative Apotheosis: The Role of the Constitution in Post-War Fusionism”
5. “The Ideological Origins of the Veto Power in the United States”